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Deeper dive: "The Parable of The Sower"


Posted on September 16, 2017 1 Comments

Have you ever felt the dull ache of conviction when reading the verses ,”The Parable of The Sower”? As we age, accumulating life experiences, this parable seems to become heavier and heavier. Across the years of our lifetime thus far, can you see yourself in each example of a sown seed? The times we didn't understand or even care to understand and ... Continue Reading

Related Verses:
  • “Listen, then, yourselves to the parable of the sower. Matthew 13:18
  • When anyone hears the message of the kingdom without understanding it, the evil one comes and snatches away what has been sown in their mind. This is the person meant by the seed which was sown along the path. Matthew 13:19
  • By the seed which was sown on rocky places is meant the person who hears the message, and at once accepts it joyfully; Matthew 13:20
  • but, as they have no root, they stand for only a short time; and, when trouble or persecution arises because of the message, they fall away at once. Matthew 13:21
  • By the seed which was sown among the brambles is meant the person who hears the message, but the cares of life and the glamour of wealth completely choke the message, so that it gives no return. Matthew 13:22
  • But by the seed which was sown on the good ground is meant the person who hears the message and understands it, and really yields a return, sometimes one hundred, sometimes sixty, sometimes thirty fold.” Matthew 13:23

What is the Sinner's Prayer for Salvation?

The sinners prayer is a common Christian term for a prayer that is said when someone wants to repent of their sin, ask God for forgiveness, and verbally state their belief in the life, death, and saving resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"For, if with your lips you acknowledge the truth of the message that JESUS IS LORD, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with their hearts people believe and so attain to righteousness, while with their lips they make their Profession of faith and so find salvation." Romans 10:9-10

Christ's death on the cross paid in full the debt of our sin. Action must be taken to take hold of the gift.

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and there is nothing that I can do to save myself. I confess my complete helplessness to forgive my own sin or to work my way to heaven through any good works. At this moment I trust Christ alone and receive by faith all Grace purchased by Jesus as the One who bore my sin when He died on the cross. I believe that He did all that will ever be necessary for me to stand in your holy presence. I thank you that Christ was raised from the dead as a guarantee of my own resurrection. As best as I can, I now transfer my trust to Him and by my faith take hold of His grace and love for me. I am grateful that He has promised to receive me despite my many sins and failures. Thank you for your word that will guide me as to how I should live my remaining days. Please grant me the wisdom to discern correctly and motivation to grow my faith, obedience, understanding, appreciation, and love for you. Thank you for your Grace and mercy that I do not deserve. Thank you that my salvation is not based on my level of performance in my short life but in my receiving what your victory on the cross did pay for. Thank you that I can receive by my faith alone, your glorious gift of salvation. Thank you for hearing this prayer and for saving me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.